Magical flamenco duet wins Audience Award Festival de Jerez

Festival de Jerez 2024 – ‘Alter Ego’ by Patricia Guerrero and Alfonso Losa wins the Audience Award of the flamenco festival in Jerez, edition 2024. The attraction of opposites told in poetry in motion.

Alter Ego. still from video

Historic show

“On the night of March 1, 2024 – this date that smells of orange blossoms and exudes a bright celestial light at sunset – Patricia Guerrero, Alfonso Losa , Ángeles Toledano, Ismael ‘El Bola’ and Francisco Vinuesa managed to put on a historic show at the Festival de Jerez” – Flamenco journalist Susanne Zellinger quotes the Diario de Jerez’s initial review of the performance. Today the newspaper announced that ‘Alter Ego’ won the Audience Award Festival de Jerez 202
It seems that magic has once again come to the Teatro de Villamarta. Flamenco aficionados around the world will be thankful that they were part of the audience for the premiere of this show.
And aficionados that weren’t there will be hoping that their local venue or festival will book the piece.

Read this very inspired review of ‘Alter Ego’ by Susanne Zellinger in Flamenco Divino (edited and translated)::

The tough and the tender

“I would have never seen dancers Alfonso Losa and Patricia Guerrero as each other’s ‘Alter ego’. They seemed too different to me. Patricia, who is getting tougher and tougher and Alfonso, whose tenderness cannot be hidden by even the wildest footwork.
I was wrong. No other two dancers could fit together better.

Alter Ego, still from video

A hundred turns

The evening began in silence. Four chairs, five people, an empty stage with spaces created by Olga García’s light design. Spaces where people meet and then leave each other again. Without much fuss, without hugs and kisses. But close, very close.
Singer Ismael Fernández ‘El Bola’ begins with a Soleá de Triana, careful, quiet, inviting. Alfonso Losa answers the call. Slowly at first, then urgently, he is under pressure as always, but he has learned to control himself. He takes his time. He snaps his fingers. He dominates the room.
You can tell this dancer has finally reached the position he was supposed to be in for a long time: at the top. Ever since his piece ‘Espacio Creativo’, we’ve all been waiting for this. And now his time has come.
He turns. A hundred times. No turn is like the other. And here you have the feeling that he is always a little faster than himself.
Patricia Guerrero calls him and he hears her. She stands up. Demanding and self-confident. Arms fly. Footwork sounds. She dances. She rushes towards him. They hug and then there is silence. The angelic voice of flamenco singer Ángeles Toledano and the presence of ‘El Bola’. Applause erupts.

Stop the time
‘La muerte no importa
La vida is muy corta
Te amare en el otro mundo’

  • ‘Death doesn’t matter
    Life is very short
    I will love you in the other world’

The minimalist guitar by Francisco Vinuesa: sometimes he just repeats a sound. It makes me want to stop the time. The dancers move in silhouette. A ‘pas de deux’ that will go down in history.

‘Yo era libre desde siempre
Sin saber de tí
Me enamoré.’

  • ‘I was free forever
    Without knowing about you
    I fell in love.’

They separate and move away in the disappearing light.
… Sheer happiness.
And all I could say was: Oh…”

Read the original  review by Suzanne Zellinger in Flamenco Divino.

Photographs: © Festival de Jerez/Esteban Abión


ALTER EGO from BLEU PROD on Vimeo.


ALTER EGO – March 1st 2024, Teatro Villamarta, Festival de Jerez
Dance: Patricia Guerrero, Alfonso Losa
Singing: Ismael ‘El Bola’, Ángeles Toledano
Guitar: Francisco Vinuesa
Artistic direction: Alfonso Losa & Patricia Guerrero
Choreography: Alfonso Losa & Patricia Guerrero
Artistic assistance: Ana Morales
Composition: Francisco Vinuesa
Wardrobe design: Belén de la Quintana
Light design: Olga García
Sound design: Pedro León