Festival de Jerez 2021: bridging the distance

Festival de Jerez is the annual feast of flamenco for aficionados across the globe. How were we to know that last years edition that wrapped up on the 7th of March 2020, marked the end of an era? Thankfully the organization had the courage to set up a festival in these uncertain times. After all these months of keeping our distance, Jerez will move a little bit closer with digital performances and live streamings shows.

The 2020 Festival de Jerez was as ever: steaming performances, studios filled to the brim with students from all over the globe, electric afterparties in bars and in the streets. And then on Sunday morning after the closure, the silent train ride back from Estación de Jerez to the international airports. Train corridors filled with guitar- and cajón-shaped cases, seats filled with exhausted but satisfied flamenco lovers, quietly enjoying the images and videos of their 2 week flamenco inundation. The flamenco express was taking its visitors home to return next year.

The world has changed…

No such thing unfortunately. When I arrived back home in Amsterdam early March 2020, I noticed something was up. Having spent my week on ‘planet flamenco’, the news of a virus overtaking normal life all over the globe had escaped me. But soon I realized we were very fortunate to have enjoyed such a carefree Festival the Jerez. The world would change and this edition, 2021, is my first year in many that I won’t be present at the festival.
I will not visit the festival this year. But the festival will come to me. Festival de Jerez moved the festival from February to May, when the theaters would re-open for half it’s capacity and decided to take up the world wide web as part of its stage.

…but flamenco is here to stay

You can enjoy live flamenco from Teatro Villamarta, as always the beating heart of the festival, from the comfort of your own home. The shows will be streamed live from the digital platforms All Flamenco and Third Row. I would like to invite all flamenco lovers around the globe to but a ticket and enjoy the shows. Not only will it feed your soul, it will also help keep this wonderful festival alive and support all those outstanding artists that make us experience something that is so hard to explain but needs to be felt: this for ever evolving and capturing art form called flamenco.

Poster festival de jerez

The moving image of the Festival de Jerez poster in this Covid year filled with distance: “El abrazo” (edited)

Third Row: live streaming

Third Row offers live streaming broadcasts of 5 festival shows. Check out this article by Third Row producer and flamenco journalist Justine Bayod Espoz.

  • Live streaming
  • Registration available for 15 days
  • €12,50 for live viewing. €4,50 extra for extended access of 14 days. ‘Jerez Festival Bundle’ €62,50.


  • Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía – Anniversary show (25 years of the company) featuring the best pieces by artists like Mario Maya, Javier Latorre, José Antonio Ruiz, Cristina Hoyos, Rubén Olmo, Álvaro Paños and Úrsula López. (Sunday May 9th)
  • Ángel Rojas Flamenco Dance Project – Ya no seremos’ (Thursday May 13th).
  • Eduardo Guerrero – ‘Debajo de los pies’ (Saturday May 15th)
  • Fernando Jiménez with Pastora Galván – ‘Transiciones’ (Sunday May 16th)
  • Fuensanta La Moneta – ‘Frente al silencio’ (Monday May 17th)

All Flamenco: recordings

The All Flamenco-platform offers registrations of 8 festival shows. Check the All Flamenco website for information.

  • Not live, video registration in high resolution
  • Available as of May 17th
  • Watch within 48 hours of buying ticket
  • €4,99


  • Andrés Peña – ‘Campanas de Santiago’ (Premiere, registration Friday May 7th). Featuring: José Gálvez, David Carpio, Miguel ‘Londro’. Special guest: Juana la Pipa.
  • Compañía de José Manuel Álvarez – ‘Cruces’(Premiere, registration Monday May 10th)
  • Alfredo Tejada –‘Identidad’ (cd presentation, registration Wednesday May 12th). Special guest: Claudia La Debla.
  • Compañía Guadalupe Torres – ‘Los colores de Magdalena’ (registration Thursday May 13th).
  • José Maldonado – ‘Galería’(registration Friday May 14th).
  • Antonia Jiménez (Monday May 17th).
  • Tamara Tañé – ‘Mis tres puñales’. Featuring Saray García, Miguel Ángel Heredia and Juan Antonio Tejero (Wednesday May 19th)
  • Mónica Iglesias – ‘Tálamo’ (Premiere, Saturday May 22th)
By Ginette Lavell