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Body and Singing Class – Alicia Acuña

zo 21 februari 2021-zo 7 maart 2021

LES – Flamenco workshop van 4 zondagen voor dansers, zangers, gitaristen en muzikanten van alle niveaus. Docent is flamenco zangeres en danseres Alicia Acuña. Er zijn vier lessen met de mogelijkheid om aan eigen onderwerpen te werken. De lessen zijn online, maar wel in groepsverband. De laatste les is gewijd aan improvisatie.

Lesdata: de lessen zijn van 14.30 tot 16 uur op zondag 21 en 27 februari en 6 en 7 maart. Er wordt in de les Engels gesproken.

Over deze workshop
Throughout these years of work and continuous learning I have come to the conclusion that technique is the basis of any art worth its salt, in the case of flamenco, I have learned that from any of its facets you can study the other and learn and understand what you need, what we can do to understand each other, how to create that conversation between us. That’s what it’s all about, learning flamenco art from the base, from the technique, applying breathing exercises, tuning, body awareness. Playing the sticks from their roots, dancing the cante, singing the dance, playing the dance, singing the toque, etc. Guiding the instruments to meet each other, but without being forced, without being programmed, just entering the listening of the three elements, singing, playing and dancing there are no levels or fixed themes.

This workshop is aimed at dancers, singers, guitarists and musicians interested in this art that is flamenco.

This Workshop will have four classes;
1. In the first class we will choose the palos to work and we will learn some vocal excercises . Each of you can work the palo you want, it can be something new, or if you prefer you can choose one that you are already studying, having the opportunity to share it with another student and thus practice it together.

2. In the second class we will see the different forms of execution and styles of these styles, we will simplify the melodies to better understand them and little by little each one will give it its personality.

3. In the third class we will do some warm-up exercises to begin with the cantes of each palo, we will make the necessary corrections and we will continue with the learning, working on the accents and details . Little by little we will shape them, each one their own.

4. In the fourth and last class, we will do some improvisations, I would like us to share an hour of freedom, of not thinking, of just listening, looking, answering. This is for me the best way to understand this art a little better.


zo 21 februari 2021
zo 7 maart 2021
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