Online flamenco beats lock-down – Yota Baron

INVITAD@ – YOTA BARON – Flamenco teacher, singer and event organizer Yota Baron lives in Amsterdam. When she flew to her native Greece to visit her son the beginning of March 2020, she packed light. Never could she imagine this short trip would turn into such a long stay. Locked-down far away from where she operates she remembered the power of improvisation and built an online platform for enjoying and making flamenco from home: iamflamenco. […]


Peña Al Andalus 35 Jaar – Ana Ramón

INVITAD@ – ANA RAMÓN – Hartje Antwerpen, naast de beroemde ‘kaaien’, vind de Peña Al Andalus. Vele grote artiesten stonden er al op het podium en op de festivals die dit levendige flamencocentrum organiseert. Inmiddels bestaat het centrum 35 jaar. Oprichter Ana Ramón vertelt hoe haar flamencodroom uitkwam.